C and C++

The Programming with C and C++ training by Internshala is a 6-weeks online training program in which students will learn the C++ and C language basics, techniques of integrating function sets, generic application development and general method of architecture of business solutions. In this training program, you will develop a library management software using C++. The training also includes a mini project of form validator using concepts of C programming where students will apply the concepts of loops, string handling, pointers and structures. You will learn through video tutorials. For a great hands on learning experience, this training program is packed with assignments, assessment tests, code challenges, quizzes, and exercises. For doubt clearing, you would get 1-hour live chat support with the trainer every day. You can also use the Q&A forum provided.

FUNDAMENTALS OF C PROGRAMMING :Study the basics of C language and learn to write your own functions.

ADVANCED C PROGRAMMING: Learn the concepts of arrays, pointers, structures and unions.

INTRODUCTION TO OOP AND C++: Learn about objects, classes, structures and unions.

ADVANCED C++ PROGRAMMING: Study the concepts of abstract classes and exception handling.