Java Developer

A Java Developer’s job is to create and test computer programs using a special programming language called Java. That’s right, Java is a language, not a hot caffeinated beverage that you drink first thing in the morning to help you wake up. And a Java Developer makes his or her living speaking it.nnOriginally developed at Sun Microsystems, Java powers all sorts of programs, from online games to business applications. Java is different from other programming languages in many ways. For example, it's designed to allow you to create software that can run on many different kinds of computers, like Windows PCs and Macs.nnAs cool as Java is, however, it wouldn’t be possible without the Java Developer. As a Java Developer, you’re a specialized type of Computer Programmer who collaborates with Web Designers, Web Developers, and Software Engineers to integrate Java into companies’ or clients’ websites, programs, and applications.nnTypically, that requires communicating with Managers to determine a project's business goals and objectives, as well as user requirements. Next, you write Java-based source code—computer programming text—that gives the website or application desired functionality based on both Managers’ and users’ demands.