MongoDB Training

MongoDB is a free and open-source cross-platform document-oriented database program. Classified as a NoSQL database program, MongoDB uses JSON-like documents with schemas. MongoDB is developed by MongoDB Inc., and is published under a combination of the GNU Affero General Public License and the Apache License. MongoDB has official drivers for major programming languages and development environments.[32] There are also a large number of unofficial or community-supported drivers for other programming languages and frameworks.

What Will I Learn?

  • MongoDB for Developers. This course covers the MongoDB query language, data modeling, indexes, and an introduction to high availability and scaling in MongoDB. We also address the MongoDB aggregation framework, MapReduce and basic administration. Classes include lessons, hands-on labs and follow-up exercises to teach you how to use MongoDB. After completing this training, participants should be able to develop a wide range of applications backed by MongoDB and do basic administration.
  • MongoDB for Administrators. This course covers everything operations teams need to know to successfully deploy and maintain MongoDB, diagnose performance issues, import and export data from MongoDB and establish the proper backup and restore routines. After completing this training, participants should be able to deploy, and administer MongoDB applications following best practices.
  • MongoDB Essentials. For organizations looking to train both developer and operations teams together, we offer a four-day class that combines the essentials from the Developer and DBA classes. The instructor covers best practices for the development and administration of MongoDB with an introduction to the design philosophy and features of MongoDB. You will run through exercises to acquaint you with the query language, indexes, and MongoDB’s scalability and high availability features.
  • MongoDB Advanced Administrator Training. The instructor leads students through a series of hands-on scenarios that represent potential issues encountered during the normal operation of MongoDB. Each scenario exercises and develops skills in critical areas such as diagnostics, troubleshooting, maintenance, performance tuning, and disaster recovery. By working through these scenarios in a controlled environment, students should develop the ability to confidently and effectively work through issues in production MongoDB systems. This advanced course is appropriate for those who are already familiar with MongoDB.
  • MongoDB Advanced Developer Training. Students explore schema design case studies on applications representing several important data access patterns. Building the case studies, the class will also complete a series of hands-on labs, in which they build an application backed by MongoDB using the Java or Python programming language. By learning best practices for schema design and putting them into practice, students develop the skills to effectively address complex data modeling and application development challenges using MongoDB. This course is designed for developers who are already familiar with MongoDB.